Near Future Factory

The Conviviality School presents The Near Future Factory – an art, philosophy and design course.

Join Katalin Hausel on a journey to unleash your imagination; find new stories, new paths, new possibilities, new identities, while exploring various artistic approaches. Create an exhibition of your new alter-ego, and even design a Near Future Museum for yourself. Katalin has extensive experience both in teaching art and using self-development methods that enable people to find ways to work and live in a way that respects their need for a meaningful existence.

The curriculum includes:

– design a near future for yourself (or your alter-ego) by tracing the happiest phases of your life

– write stories about this future

– create drawings, paintings and sculptures

– plan a film of your life based on this exhibition
– create an imagined world, using near future design methods, for this new you to inhabit

– produce objects and texts for an exhibition

– design a Museum of the Near Future for this imagined world, and create a book (catalogue) about it

– create drawings, paintings and sculptures for a (fictional or real) exhibition of The Near Future You

– read and discuss short texts on philosophy, psychology, ecology, and the future

– talk about literature, politics, dreams and fears

– …. and many more insight-stimulating approaches for self-expression, dreaming and path-finding.

For more information please visit our website: or contact Katalin directly: katalinhausel{at}