Near Future Factory

We are into an era of decay and repurposing of broken structures, of new social inventions within networks, a world of ‘Gothic High-Tech’ and ‘Favela Chic’, a crooked networked bazaar of history and futurity, rather than a cathedral of history, and a utopia of futurity. (…) The question is: now what? Given that we have atemporal organised representations of verbal structures, what can we actually do? Where is the fun part?” (Bruce Sterling: Atemporality for the Creative Artist)

The climate is changing; the planet is crumbling; the age of consumption is over but we still have to work in order to make a living; network culture and technology are rapidly altering the framework within which we are to find work,  have relationships, and live a meaningful life. Meanwhile, the new paradigm of sharing, sensing, collaborating with others requires us to be self-aware, grounded and mindful. Where to start? And, as Bruce Sterling asks, where is the fun?

The Near Future Factory invites you to an exploration of philosophy, art, and design, an open-ended personal journey into this new cultural landscape, through hands-on, creative, concrete projects that will allow you to evolve a sense of who you may want to become and what you may want to do – a certain kind of personal map-making for navigating this strange new world. You will learn to make things with your hands, and also, to use the networked world, search engines, social networks, and collaborative knowledge depositories for finding, imagining, and retelling stories of the past and the future.

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