Conviviality School

How to  start finding a direction in the pursuit of meaning and happiness in a chaotic world? We cannot learn from the past – history books are linear narratives with a beginning and end,  stories that are created from archived documents, and from other books. Our world simply does not work like that anymore.

“There is no single authoritative voice of history. Instead we get wildly empowered cranks, lunatics, and every kind of long-tail intellectual market appearing in network culture. Everything from brilliant insight to scurillous rumor. Then there is the colossally huge, searchable, public domain, which is now at your fingertips. ” (Bruce Sterling)

The Conviviality School offers an environment to engage with new ideas that are all around us shaping the world we live in, not through abstract learning but through self-reflection, sharing and active creation.  The first course, The Near Future Factory, is based on explorations into design, philosophy, technology, art and  psychology in order to imagine new futures in a rapidly changing and chaotic environment – with the goal of finding a path, an attitude, a stride, rather than capturing a singular image for the future. In a way, it is closer to psychotherapy than to an art course, but it focuses on multiplying and playing with the past, rather than capturing a single story.

The School was inspired by Ivan Ilich’s book, Tools for Conviviality. Ironically, it also contradicts one of the book’s main principles, rejecting the idea of institutional learning. The Conviviality School however is not the kind of place where you just sit and listen. The intention is to create a community around learning, a place where everyone can be both a student and a professor. If you are interested in sharing your skills and interests by teaching in the Conviviality School, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.